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Abermals is what happens when you put three people in a room that have played in too many bands, listened to too many records and have too much excess energy than is appropriate for their age. Kraut-infused indie punk with nods to post-hardcore and whatever else seems to fit.


From Mallorca, Spain, the band features Engineer Records alumni from the band TIDAL—early days when we released records as Ignition Records. The band also consist of alumni from the band Dog Day Afternoon.


Reasons to Travel will be the band's first full-length LP as part of a split-label agreement between Engineer Records (UK), Memento Records (Germany), Sell The Heart (USA) and Runaway (Spain), which is a follow up to their self-released These Broken Bodies EP (2021).

Abermals is:

Alberto Abad: Drums
Enrique Alarcón: Bass
Chris Späth: Guitar, Vocals

Find more on Abermals:

  • Abermals on Instagram





Download press sheet here
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