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Barking Poets

Barking Poets are a melodic punk rock band based in London, founded in 2019 by experienced musicians from the London, Bristol and Dublin underground scenes.

Their lyrics echo the concerns of our time such as climate change, racism, austerity or populist politics.


Their soul-lifting debut single 'Make Me Strong' was released at the start of the pandemic and they donated their merch to the #SaveOurVenues campaign run by Music Venue Trust.

Their second single 'When I Am King' continued in their style of mixing the anthemic punk rock of The Clash and The Gaslight Anthem with the protest lineage of Neil Young and Billy Bragg. A captivating video premiered on Facebook Live in September 2020.

Enter 2021 and now we have Barking Poets with their full album 'Back to Abnormal' produced by Paul Tipler (Idlewild, Reuben, Elastica, Placebo) at Stereolab’s studio in London. Supporting videos and gigging ensued and more recordings followed.


2022 saw a line-up change and new video singles for 'Part of the problem' and 'We will overcome' gaining thousands of views and finding the Barking Pmts plenty of new fans, just in time for them to head back into the studio in the New Year.

Barking Poets was:

Neil Murray: Guitar and lead vocals

Conor Heary: Drums and backing vocals

Ander Mendia Gutierrez: Bass and backing vocals

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Thoughts Words Actions:

Back To Abnormal contains six interesting melodic punk rock compositions that will be right up the alley for those who’re looking out for a more classic punk rock sound. The group blends classic punk rock, contemporary melodic punk rock but also adds up smaller chunks of indie rock in the mix. You may notice how the greats like The Clash, Ramones, The Jam, The Who, The Kinks inspired their classic punk rock side, but also bands like The Gaslight Anthem, Rancid, Green Day, Frank Turner, Frank Turner inspired their contemporary punk rock side. The indie-rock comes somewhere in between. You’ll notice some classic indie rock maneuvers along the way, but these maneuvers are so subtle. This style suits the group like a charm, and that’s hearable in their ear-appealing tunes. You may stumble upon some elements of folk-rock as well.

Barking Poets solely rely upon powerful chord progressions, melodies, harmonies, themes, and simplistic but effective solos. Powerful low-end tones are punching right from beneath and support both guitars throughout the entire material. The rhythm section delivers loads of dynamics through thoughtfully assembled beats, accentuations, and fills. Barking Poets are so good at emulating late seventies punk rock sound. The group will almost instantly throw you into the golden days of classic punk rock. If you’re into that type of sound, then Barking Poets will be right up your alley. Back To Abnormal is currently up for pre-order at Engineer Records. The release date is set for October 1st. Head over to Engineer Records for more information about ordering.

-Djordje Miladinović

Warrington Ska Punk:

This 6 track EP by Barking Poets has lovely artwork by Dan Allen Tattoo - who seems to have his fingers in every artistic pie in the country.

This is a solid 6 track EP, no filler, just lots of great guitar and some tasty garage vocals. There's an old school tone to the guitars, warm and not as intense and high gain as a lot of modern stuff. It reminds me of some of the more melodic early bands, more Buzzcocks or even My Generation era the Who than UK Subs. Would go down with fans of Giant Eagles or even The Hives I reckon.

Whatever it is, it got us dancing in the car, and singing along to some classy "Woahs" - and it's always a good sign when you can sing along on the first listen! Some of the twiddly guitar bits are smashing too!

-Chris WSP


London based quartet Barking Poets unleash their punk worthy number ‘When I Am King’ into the wild. As the follow up to their lively debut single ‘Make Me Strong’, Barking Poets are a growing asset to London’s punk scene. A track that takes politics in it’s hands and raises eyebrows with it’s a fierce attitude, ‘When I Am King’ is an uplifting track that tells listeners things will get easier in the end. 

Recorded at Unit 13 Studios in South London, the track was produced, mixed and mastered by Paul Tipler. ‘When I Am King’ is a spine-tingling warning sign to the ‘bad guys’ to not cross the line. 

Detailing on today’s current climate, ‘One day we’ll think of this and laugh’… we sure hope so Barking Poets. In the meantime, crank the volume up to 11 and listen to a true band breathe energy over their powerful music. A big middle fingers up to the current establishment in power, ‘When I Am King’ is worthy of the throne.

Barking Poets echo their concerns of politics and important topics within their music, and ‘When I Am King’ cements that this experienced band will never go down without a fight. 

‘When I Am King’ is memorable, historical and unapologetic. 

-Chloe Mogg

Captured Howls (5/5 stars):

The London punk rock group Barking Poets sound ready to turn heads on their now available debut single, “Make Me Strong.” Their sound feels heavy and meaty, but the melodies in the mix are markedly upbeat, which fits the theme of the song well. They wrote the track before so many people ended up needing so much encouragement and assistance amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s a timeless message — the lyrics and energetically forward melodies that pop out amidst the heaviness both communicate a strikingly real-feeling idea of rising past what might hold one back.

The performances on the track feel very energetic, as if the musicians themselves are truly on the same journey of bounding past obstacles that’s encapsulated in the song. The band cite influences ranging from the early proto-punk jams of The Who and The Kinks to more recent punk rockers like Green Day, and they use these broad frameworks to make their own unique mark. Really, it’s just one song that they’ve got available so far, but the band’s energy feels unmistakably fresh and invigorating.

Besides the above, Barking Poets also cite Frank Turner, Billy Bragg, Social Distortion, The Gaslight Anthem, The Clash, The Ramones, and more among their influences. The band turn these influences into a really fresh, strongly written experience on “Make Me Strong,” which feels like an anthem for the perhaps underappreciated moments of trudging through the often mucky experiences of daily life.

Lead vocalist Harvey Springfield memorably sings: “Well you can take the piss out of my daytime dreams/ It’s just gonna make me stronger/ And you can make a fool of the way I look/ It’s just gonna make me stronger.”

-Caleb R. Newton

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