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Escape Elliott

Belgian rock outfit Escape Elliott combine punky melodies alongside hard hitting drums while conjuring, heavy, effected guitars juxtaposed against hints of ska and reggae. The different influences of members are always shaping their ever evolving sound.

Escape Elliott loves to play live, that’s why they’re playing all the local festivals and clubs they can. They’ve also played major venues in Belgium such as Ancienne Belgique and Sportpaleis as support acts, and also joined Against The Current as support at the Belgian show of their last tour.

In January 2019, Escape Elliott recorded their debut album with the help of Canadian recording engineer & producer Jesse Gander (White Lung, Japandroids, BRUTUS). The album was baptized Everything Here Is Make Believe, a sentence that captures the mood of the album well. It’s about escapism, really.

Purple haired singer Isaura Flockman is a whirlwind of emotions. You hear it in their lyrics and you see it as they perform. A jumpy little lady who can’t seem to stand still.

She’s not the only whirlwind on stage; guitarist Ward Rosseel makes the ravage complete. On the other side we find Lien Anseele shredding her guitar on a throne. Why? Because she’s a queen, that’s why. Powerhouse Jorne Tanghe on the drums and quirky bassist Jacob Benoot make this band a must see.

Loud, honest and slightly peculiar pop punk with a heart.


Escape Elliott is:

Isaura Flockman: Vocals

Lien Anseele: Guitar

Ward Rosseel: Guitar

Jacob Benoot: Bass guitar

Jorne Tanghe: Drums

Find more on Escape Elliott:

  • Escape Elliott on Facebook
  • Escape Elliott on Instagram



Fear and Loathing:

This band come from Belgium, playing a confident mix of punky, pop-rock and fronted by female vocalist Isaura who has a powerful but melodic voice that sort of reminds me of Dolores O’Riordan (this is meant as a compliment – I was never a particular fan of The Cranberries but Dolores had a great voice.) Musically, they bring a lot of different styles together in a totally convincing way. Some moments will remind you of Bad Religion, others will recall Dance Hall Crashers or The Muffs, and you’ll also pick-out metal, ska and even hardcore. Their skill is in the way they combine all of these elements but always ensure that it’s the song itself that’s the important thing. Plus, they sound as if they’re really enjoying themselves, which is always a good thing to hear. Consistently melodic, even in their more aggressive musical moments, this is a band who could appeal to a very wide audience if they get the exposure that they deserve. Great lyrics provide the icing on the cake, making this an album you can think about even while you’re dancing to it. Be sure to give this a thorough listening!

-Andy Pearson

Music of the Future:

...12 track album that dropped this May gives you those rock sounds that instantly have you in the middle of a concert rocking out and those punk elements you can not wait to hear. Big sounds and solid performances you won’t want to miss a track. With powerful, fun and out their lyrics you can easily just sing along too and have your own spin on them as well.


Mass Movement:

...Which brings us to Escape Elliott, a band who I don’t believe come from the same reality as the rest of us. No band that makes music like this could, because no band from our reality would ever dream of drawing musical inspiration from Muse, Propagandhi and the Lunachicks and no band from our actuality could take those influences and write songs that sound this incredible and instantaneous. Part punk prog, part blistering Hardcore and part heavy rock crafted in the fading days of the Revolution Summer, Escape Elliot not only play songs that make your jaw hit the floor while you simultaneously want to sing along with every word, verse and chorus, but they’ve also discovered the secret to successfully traversing the multiverse which is, all things considered, not too shabby for a punk rock band. I think I may have just discovered one of my newest most favourite bands. Never underestimate the small things.

-Tim Cundle

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