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Nathaniel Sutton (Hail Taxi)

From Edmonton, Alberta in Canada, Nathaniel Sutton (aka Hail Taxi) is a multi-instrumentalist with a flair for musical drama, always inspired by the depth of film music. In 2006, he attended post-secondary education and achieved a diploma in Audio Production, which lead him to compose the soundtracks for several independent films.

He is currently presenting himself for licensing opportunities for film and visual media.

While in high school, Nathaniel Sutton was offered a guitar class and the light bulb above his head nearly exploded with ideas. A budding indie star was born. After a few years passed, Nathaniel felt strong enough in the way of the guitar, but wanted a greener musical pasture, so he took it upon himself and created a new challenge, he decided to learn how to play drums. He drove himself over the edge with this new instrument at his fingertips, and started playing in cover bands "You gotta start somewhere, right?" he exclaimed. Nathaniel knew the 'cover band situation' was not working for him and felt his inner, more eclectic tendencies were gnawing his insides.

Nathaniel went solo and started recording ALL the songs inside his head. Incessantly, he created a vast array of songs as a "1-man-band," and recorded all the instruments and vocals himself, becoming quite the self-contained unit. Noticing the poetic quality in his narratives, his passion was even greater and he knew this was him, inside and out, take it or leave it. He writes songs made up of stories stemming from life and imagination, metaphors jumping out in every verse.

With a style to call his own, though not too far distant relatives to Lou Barlow (Folk Implosion, Sebadoh), Eric Bachman (Crooked Fingers, Archers of Loaf) or even Tim Kasher (Cursive, The Good Life) and Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse), Nathaniel is a man with a unique throaty croon and a guitar acting as the paintbrush for his quietly yet brilliant abstract palette.

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