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Hardcore was never about where you’re from. Hardcore was, and is, all about energy, a shared spirit of drive and focus, the adrenaline fuelled excitement and intensity of shows, a global network of like-minded individuals and music that makes you want to sing along unto􏰁l your lungs burst, your ears bleed and it feels like you’ve got nothing left􏰀 to give. And then getti􏰃ng up and doing it all over again when the next song starts.

Constant Batt􏰂les, the new five track EP from Laguna’s favourite Hardcore sons, Piledriver proves that it doesn’t ma􏰂tter where you’re from, all that ma􏰂tters is what’s in your heart.

Hi􏰃tting a Brooklyn bound subway train, Constant Batt􏰂les feels like it was recorded in a previously hidden and unknown basement of CBGB’s. It’s beat-down riddled savagery, mosh-laden anthems and infec􏰁tious sing-a-long choruses make you think of Queens rather than the Philippines and demonstrate that New York is more than just a place; it’s a state of mind.


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Unite Asia :

Piledriver‘s been at this game for over 20 years and with a constant revolving vocalist spot, the title of this EP couldn’t be more appropriate Constant Battles. It’s a battle that the band’s perseverance and resilience always wins in the end. Cause here there are in 2019 still touring, still releasing music, still EXISTING.

Remember the band is hitting the road again for over 25 dates across the glorious Philippines.

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