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Amalia Bloom counting bruises on tour

Amalia Bloom's debut European tour has been a smiling, sweaty blast so far! The hometown show in Vincenza saw the crowd singing along to the new 'Picturesque' album tracks and the bands first international show in Graz was unforgettable too.

They've been in Prague and Frankfurt since and are making their way to Amsterdam (and then Brussels) right now.

Amalia Bloom commented "The only thing that we can say now is that we will remember and cherish these moments forever. Thanks for singing PICTURESQUE with us".

While they were in Germany Count Your Bruises magazine caught up with the band and discussed what the new album 'Picturesque' means to them, going through it track by track. You can read what they had to say here: (Photo by Ettore Pernigotti).

Amalia Bloom come from Vicenza in northern Italy. Not far from Venice, it is picturesque and quiet, but especially young people live there in constant conflict with a home that often feels like a dead end. On their second album, "Picturesque," the emo-post-hardcore band explores their split relationship with the place they still call 'home'. Find out more about the songs of the Northern Italians in our Track By Track feature.


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