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Amalia Bloom release new album Picturesque

"Life’s a dance with picturesque moves and we wrote a record about it!"

Amalia Bloom's second album 'Picturesque' is out today!

Released last midnight and available now across all digital channels.

Amalia Bloom's first album 'Maiden Voyage' brought a profoundly powerful, yet melodic and delicate approach to the genre and was available on both 12" vinyl and digital CD. Their second release, an EP entitled 'Alive, a ballet' kept them going through lockdown, and now this beautiful new post-punk gem of an album, 'Picturesque', will rank among your favourites of the year.

'Picturesque', the second studio album by Amalia Bloom, has a layered but direct sound, light and airy in the melodious moments but granite dense in the growing intensity. The band has become self-aware and owns the space of every element on the stage as in the song itself. A must-see band live who are about to take on a tour of Europe.

"All the songs on this record were inspired by episodes of everyday life that happened (or could happen) in the small town we were born in, Vicenza, and speak about how we wander in the spaces we inhabit. Living is whimsical and sometimes distressing, so is how we move and experience life together. Finding the beauty in the ordinary is what makes us appreciate what we have and sharing our love with those we care about is what will make the most of the time we have on this planet. We cherish every single connection we’ve made over the past few years and are blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people. Releasing this record would not have been possible without the support of our families and friends. We want to thank whoever was involved in the creation process of this album: Yari Ricco, the sixth member of this band, for being our brother and best friend on every occasion; Marco Casarotto, for guiding us through the ric heirloom of our sound and identity, besides having us provided the best gear in town; Elia Guglielmi and Maurizio Baggio for being great phonics and amazing people; David Gamage Of Engineer Records who supported this project from the beginning for being so enthusiastic about the music c we do; Laura Priante, for being there whenever we needed support emotional and for making us look better than we really are.

SILHOUETTES is dedicated to the memory of our friend Francesco, who loved life to the point he thought he didn’t deserve it. We will never forget you, metal always".

After two long years and two cancelled tours, we’re glad to announce that in May '22 Amalia Bloom will be touring Europe to promote their brand new record 'PICTURESQUE' , released on 13th May. You really should go and see them, at;

20/05 - Vicenza IT - Bocciodromo Vicenza 22/05 - Graz AT - Sub 23/05 - Munich DE - (Cancelled, so new gig needed!) 24/05 - Prague CZ - Eternia Smichov 25/05 - Frankfurt DE - Ponyhof 27/05 - Amsterdam NL - @waterboyclub 28/05 - Brussels BE - mOtown concerts 29/05 - Need help with gig please. D.I.Y. underground come on. 30/05 - Aarau CH - Secret location

The first show is in their hometown of VICENZA and all these guys should be fun, but the show in Munich was cancelled so we could use some help on May 23rd getting another one, drop us a line if you can help us or you know someone that could! Ideally in Southern Germany/Slovenia/Slovakia/Czech Republic area. 29/5 needs a gig too.

The release party on 20th May in Vincenza will be a great party and there will be CD copies of 'Picturesque' available. We are waiting on the vinyl LP pressing and looking for other labels to co-operate with us in its release. Get in touch!

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