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Eretia 'Quietud' on red vinyl

We've had the Eretia 'Quietud' CDs here a few days already but now the vinyl LPs have arrived too! They look and sound great, and can be ordered now.

Any pre-orders are on their way to your homes with extra goodies.

'Quietud', manning 'Stillness', is the incredible debut album by the Cantabrians Eretia, and it's a must for fans of Cult of Luna, Isis, AmenRa, and the like.

Co-released in true punk rock D.I.Y. fashion by: URGENCE DISK RECORDS (Swiss) Engineer Records (England) New Year's Eve at Pumpkin Records (Bulgaria) Holy Goat Records (Germany) Dingleberry records and distribution (Germany) ARAKI SOM Records (France) Bus Stop Press (France) Fresh Outbreak Records (Italy) Salto Mortale Music (Slovakia) Nothing to Harvest Records (Greece) PASIDARYK PATS records (Lithuania) Producciones Tudancas (Cantabria) Quebranta Records (Spain) Sounds Like Sundays (Spain) @MISE in scene (Bangladesh) Primitive Noise (Spain) Navalla (Spain) Autoestima Diy Distrolabelbooking (Spain)

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