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Fat Heaven's release show for 'Trash Life'

MARK YOUR CALENDARS for 17th March at OUR WICKED LADY in Brooklyn, NY.

You heard the record. Now watch it live! The release show of Fat Heaven's new album 'Trash Life', along with @warntheduke releasing ‘All that’s Solid’. It's gonna absolutely be sold out so buy tix asap. Also super stoked to have our friends @sadlands_band and @somethingbitterjams joining us for this incredible night. You seriously do not want to miss this!

You can still pick up a copy of this blasting album from Engineer Records, Sell The Heart Records, Waterslide or Gunner Records.

Here's Fat Heaven playing 'Quarter Life Crisis' liv at Racket in NY last week:

And here's the official video:

Here's Dying Scene's comments on the new album - "Brooklyn's Fat Heaven is one of my favorite recent discoveries. Check out their awesome new record 'Trash Life'!":

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