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Fear & Loathing reviews...

We hope everyone has been enjoying a jolly old Christmas time, despite all the nonsense going on around us.

It’s good to kick back and relax, and maybe get a few jobs done too; that’s what Andy at Fear & Loathing clearly did, as he's sent us reviews of the new releases by Side Project, Come The Spring, Stubborn Will, Barking Poets, Neckscars and The Wolf Howls...

Barking Poets – Back to abnormal “Definite elements of The Clash / Ramones but put through an indie / pop-punk filter to create something highly accessible and catchy. Great production and melodies that will quickly stick in your brain, this is a very impressive debut.”

Come The Spring – Echoes revived “Moving forward from more regular punk or hardcore styles, Come The Spring aren’t afraid to slow down the tempo and concentrate more on the atmosphere of the songs rather than just the energy. This is a bold album that takes a lot of chances, which can sometimes be a risky endeavour, but in this case succeeds really well.”

Neckscars – Don’t panic “A really enjoyable, solid album. Neckscars obviously know what they’re doing, don’t waste any time and don’t allow for any slack. Everything works together perfectly, bringing the very best out of each song. The results are a powerful, impassioned sound interspersed by insistent melodies that will ensure that you don’t forget these songs for quite some time.”

Side Project – Bittersweet “Mixes pop-punk melodies with a harder, more technical alt-rock style. The choruses have a real ‘singalong’ quality, especially the final track ‘The Thoughts I Have When I Fall Asleep’”.

Stubborn Will – Contempt “Musically, they have a powerful, hard-driving sound that reminds me of bands like Quicksand, in the way that they still embrace their punk / hardcore roots but also seem intent on taking their music forward and allowing it to develop rather than remaining within safe genre boundaries.”

The Wolf Howls When I Scream Your Name – Grief Songs “The songs have a dark mood, a melodramatic delivery and are full of soul-searching emotions. Musically, there are hints of Bob Moulds’ darker moments, accompanied by loud, dirge-like guitar and rhythms, whilst at other points you may also hear suggestions of The Cure or Joy Division, at least in terms of atmosphere if not actually borrowing their style.”

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