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Flying a DeLorean to 2007

'Flying DeLorean to 2007' vinyl LP pre-order is available now.

Verse, Chorus, Inferno.'s new album will be officially released on 28th October, but you can already order it from the record labels website or from the band's own Bandcamp page. Check the best option in your area at and pre-order a copy now!

Verse, Chorus, Inferno. are a punk rock band from Como, Italy, and they started back in 2007 with a European tour. In the lockdown of 2020 they worked on new music again and recorded their first full length album. This is the brilliant 'Flying a Delorean To 2007' and it tells eleven stories about their 2007 tour, life on the road, the lockdown, friendship and the will to play together again.

The album includes ten great original tracks and a rocking cover of Fleetwood Mac’s 'Dreams', featuring Sandro from Forty Winks as guest vocalist.

Recorded in the band's home studios and mixed / mastered by Chris Fogal (Black in Bluhm Studio) in March 2022.

The new record will be limited to 300 copies, released on vinyl (and digital platforms) on October 28th by Engineer Records, Eternalis Records, Pasidaryk Pats Records and High End Denim Records.

This is a pre-order and the LP will be sent as soon as we receive them back from the pressing plant, due late October.

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