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Geek-O-Rama podcast #13

One of our favourite alternative music podcasts is the mayhem regularly provided by Mass Movement magazine, and not only as they often feature tracks or interviews with Engineer Records bands, but Tim and Chris, the middle-aged malcontents, always have good stuff going on with interesting and funny conversations. Tim also has a far geekier side and puts out the Geek-o-rama special podcasts too, about comics, books, films, games and all things nerdy.

Geek-O-Rama episode 13, the latest instalment, entitled 'By the light of the silvery moon' is a bit of an Engineer Records special. Tim talks about Moon Knight: The Midnight Mission, Butts In Seats, The All Nighter, The Death of Doctor Strange, Snow Angels and Count Crowley: Amateur Midnight Monster Hunter. He also spins tracks by The Atlantic Union Project, Neckscars, Come The Spring and Sleave and then explores the geekier side of life, discussing punk rock, publishing and more with David, our own Engineer Records and Earth Island Books head honcho.

We particularly enjoyed the Conan style opening. Tune in, turn it up and geek out.

This one’s a doozy…

You can check out all the Mass Movement and Geek-o-rama podcasts here:

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