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Get ready to Shred!

Engineer Records are proud to announce that they’ve inked a deal with old-school Hardcore powerhouse Shreds. and will release their debut album 'Step Back' on CD, cassette and digital download, jointly with Some Dude Records, on April 15th. 

Shreds. were found in a disused steel warehouse in Sheffield in September 2022, cryogenically frozen and fed intravenously on a steady diet of 80s US Hardcore. 

Channelling no-frills fast hardcore with elements of Skate Punk, D-Beat, Youth Crew, and NYHC, Shreds. are on a mission to bring fast, sing-a-long, pit fuelled hardcore back to a world that’s forgotten how to slam dance, stage dive, skate, and have a good time.

FFO: Black Flag, Minor Threat, Circle Jerks, Jerrys Kids, 7 Seconds, Negative Approach, Uniform Choice, SSD...

Consisting of 14 blistering tracks of thrashy hardcore and clocking in at 24 minutes, 'Step Back' captures the ferocity and chaotic energy of Shreds. live shows.

Catch Shreds at a club near you and get ready to Step Back into, and embrace, the old school on April 15th.

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