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Idioteq announce The Distance new album and video 'Flowers'

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

We're excited to announce that we are working with The Distance, a post-hardcore and screamo band from Mallorca, Spain, who have just returned to the alt-music scene with a poignant new single, 'Flowers,' from their upcoming album, 'The Wound' which Engineer Records will be releasing in the New Year alongside partner labels Runaway Records, Sell The Heart Records and Sliptrick Records.

'Flowers' begins with a serene, nostalgic introduction, reminiscent of the emotional hardcore of the 1990s and French screamo of the 2000s. It’s a gentle yet gripping start, characterized by a narrative-driven melody that slowly builds up, integrating a post-rock background after about a minute. This progression leads listeners into a more emotionally charged second half of the song, which, instead of culminating in an explosion of sound, settles into a rock plateau.

This track marks a significant leap from their debut album 'Prologue,' released in early 2022, showcasing the band’s evolution in both sound and emotional depth.

The band, formed in 2019, comprises Yamil Ghazi (vocals, guitar), Julián Gil (guitar), Óscar D. Martí (bass), and Alberto Abad (drums). Their journey in The Distance represents a new chapter for its members, who have previously played in various rock and punk bands. The project was born out of a desire to express their evolving emotions, drawing inspiration from the latest wave of hardcore bands in the 2010s.

The Distance’s music is a fusion of deep post-rock riffs and the rapid pace of hardcore tunes, paired with honest, screamo-style lyrics that sometimes veer into spoken word. Yamil notes that their songs are deeply personal, reflecting significant moments in his life while allowing listeners to interpret the lyrics through their own experiences and emotions.

'Flowers' is a testament to the band’s growth, gaining energy and introducing a new lyrical style with a mix of spoken and screamed words. This evolution signifies The Distance’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of their genre, blending their punk and hardcore roots with a fresh, emotional intensity.

The single was recorded and mixed by Tomeu Perelló at DST Recording Studio, a close collaborator of the band, and mastered by Tom Nunes at Atomic Disc.

Fans of bands like Touché Amoré and Loma Prieta will find familiar comfort in The Distance’s style, yet 'Flowers' promises an experience that is distinctly their own – a blend of raw energy, emotional narrative, and evolving musical landscapes.

As the band prepares to release 'The Wound', their second LP on January 30th, 'Flowers' sets a compelling precedent for what’s to come.

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