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Neckscars and The Atlantic Union Project make Thoughts Words Action's Top 100 songs of '21 playlist

Awesome to see our boys Neckscars and The Atlantic Union Project made Thoughts Words Action's Top 100 songs of '21 alongside great bands like Hot Water Music, Ship Thieves and Descendents!

You can listen to the full top 100 on spotify here:

Here's Djordje's latest post about it: "Here's is the first part of our Top 100 songs in 2021. We hope you'll enjoy our picks. We highly advise you to check out all the bands and support their work in any way you can.

Also, please do us a favor and share the news about it!"

Belvedere Band - Good Grief Retreat / Thousand Islands Records / Lockjaw Records Ship Thieves - Race To Oblivion / Chunksaah Records Hot Water Music - Killing Time / End Hits Records Bodyjar - Reaction The Atlantic Union Project - The Actuary / Engineer Records TURNSTILE - Holiday / Roadrunner Records Neckscars - Not Enough JPM's / Engineer Records Harker - The Beast Must Die / Disconnect Disconnect Records Crazy Arm - Montenegro / Xtra Mile Recordings Authority Zero - Bruiser / Thousand Islands Records Sweat - Hit And Run / Pirates Press Records NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS - Hit And Run / TAKEN BY SURPRISE RECORDS Time and Pressure - Theseus / Safe Inside Records Heathcliff- BFF / SBÄM Teresa Banks - Alcohol And Cigarettes Ignite - Anti-Complicity Anthem / Century Media Records One Hidden Frame - Information Blackout / Lockjaw Records waterweed - In My Veins / Avex Entertainment Inc. Descendents - Nightage / Epitaph Records FieldDay - Invitation One Step Closer- Lead To Gray / Run For Cover Records Entropy NY - Judge Judy And Executioner / All We Got! Records Grand Collapse - Panic Room Counterpunch - Handbook For The Recently Debriefed / Thousand Islands Records / Lockjaw Records actionmen - Magic Me / Mud Cake Records

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