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'New Reality' premieres on Mass Movement magazine

New Reality is the first video single from Born Infected’s new CD Self Reflection.

New Reality focuses on how we, the whole of humankind, are at the brink of changing things that used to be ‘normal’ for some. Black Lives Matter, the fight for LGBTQ+ rights, the fact that everywhere in the world people are thinking for themselves and letting their voices be heard are all signs of the times and maybe a new reality is truly coming. You better get used to this or be crumbled in the process of change for the good of ALL people and the betterment of our entire planet”.

This record bursts with eight powerful tracks of angry Hardcore demanding change and bringing the energy to get it!

You can pre-order the CD now at the link above and we will ship it as soon as it comes in (mid-December), with at least three pounds from every sale (and ALL profits) going to the charities we are supporting, more info at the links above and on the bands website.

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