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Premiere: The Atlantic Union Project unveil the video for ‘Soon To End’

After debuting ‘The Actuary’ and ‘Trustworthy’ a while ago, The Atlantic Union Project are back with another outstanding punk rock song. ‘Soon To End’ is the excellent third single that announces their ‘3,482 Miles’ 12″ EP, soon to be released on vinyl, compact disc, and digitally by Engineer Records, Sell The Heart Records, and Shield Recordings.

We have the privilege of premiering the new digi-single and video for your audio / visual pleasure. The video was recorded during a live session at Brighton Electric studio in May this year.

The Atlantic Union Project vocalist Cirinelli spoke with in the US about the new single and told them; “’Soon to End’ metaphorically, has a light at the end of the tunnel lyric, though it situates in the middle of the EP. We eased the throttle from the first two songs a bit, while lyrically diving inward, instead of charging out. I wrote a letter from the perspective of someone on the outside reaching a hand out. A trait I struggle with personally, is coping when stress/depression leans so strongly on what seems an endless tilt, making the climb out, disadvantageous. More distinctly, ‘Soon to End’ is a song about allowing yourself to be found—extremely hard to do when one has a sense of being ‘above’ the feeling. As if to have already thought of all circumstantial what, why and how’s of a situation, self-convincing that it’s just the way it’s going to be, therefore no one can help. That sense of self-awareness can be the crutch. I aimed this song directly at calling this trait out. Someone has been there. Often, more than just someone. I’m extremely fortunate. This song is that reminder. Hopefully for those listening, someone is within reach.”

USA copies on pre-sale now via Sell The Heart Records!

12" vinyl & CD both in the STH webstore at

European copies on pre-sale now via Shield Recordings!

12" vinyl & CD both in the Shield webstore at

UK copies on pre-sale now via Engineer Records!

12" vinyl & CD both in the Engineer webstore at Digital singles available now via all channels and the full EP released worldwide on 9/9/22.

The Atlantic Union Project is a transatlantic melodic punk rock group consisting of the Come The Spring members (ex-Rydell and Strength Alone), accompanied by Craig Cirinelli (Damn This Desert Air, Elemae, Hidden Cabins) on lead vocals. Since Cirinelli comes from Boonton, New Jersey, and the rest of the band is located in / around Brighton in the UK, they decided to call themselves The Atlantic Union Project. The name of their debut EP ‘3,482 Miles’, represents the distance between Boonton and Brighton.

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