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Punknews premieres new Bear Away video

Head over to for the new Bear Away music video premiere of 'Unless That Rainbow is Black and Filled With Knives!'

Punknews said "You're here for the gruff, melodic punk and Bear Away knows it! The band plays with energy and an ear for tunefulness, all while keeping that tar-and-grit in the mix! The band's new video puts that at the forefront, and also has a puking muppet."

Bear Away guitarist / singer Jacob Thundercliffe spoke to Punknews about the track: "The song title was inspired from a message exchange between me and James on what the album artwork should look like. The song is about looking back at where you thought you would be in life as you get older, but it doesn't really matter anymore because the world is slowly falling apart around us."

Bear Away's incredible album, entitled 'A Drastic Tale Of Western Living', contains ten tracks of soaring, melodic, fist-in-the-air, shout-a-long anthems that fans of Iron Chic, Samiam, Milloy & Leatherface will embrace with gusto.

Depending on what corner of the Earth you call home, all the album pre order links for Brassneck Records, Engineer Records, Sell The Heart Records, Shield Recordings and Waterslide Records can be found here

The album will be officially released on Friday 21st October!

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