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Review of Level Up 4 Fest and 3dBs Down

Colin's Punk Rock World were at the New Cross Inn in London along with plenty of punters to see the ska-core mayhem that was the Level Up Festival. Loads of great bands played and you can read their full gig review here:

This is what had to say about our own 3dBs Down: "3dBs Down were one of the bands I was most excited to see over the entire weekend. Their most recent album, 'Get Your Retaliation In First', is one of my favourites of recent years and I’ve only had one opportunity to see them live since it was released so I was keen to grasp this latest opportunity with both hands.

We almost didn’t get this chance as drummer Joe somehow broke their foot the day before but they were determined to play the show anyway. Kudos to Joe for that.

3dBs Down offered something slightly different to the majority of the bands playing at Level Up as they are more of a punk band with ska elements rather than a full on ska punk band. This meant that a few people were slow in really getting into 3dBs but by the end of the set they had the room dancing.

It was great to see a band win the crowd over like they did, it really shows just what a good band they are.

The thing I really love about 3dBs is their ability to write hooks and sing harmonies. They sound great on record but to pull them off live as good as they do is something quite special.

The band have been around a long time now and you can tell just because of just how in sync they are with each other.

As well as playing many of my favourite tracks from 'Get Your Retaliation In First' they also debuted their brand, brand, brand new track 'Unconvinced' – it’s a banger, go and check it out.

3dBs don’t play many shows anymore but when they do it’s always a highlight of whatever bill they find themselves on.

At the time of writing this, the first wave of MPF 2023 bands have just been announced and, oh boy golly, I’d love to see 3dBs play that festival."

3 dBs Down brilliant 'Get your retaliation in first' album is available on digital, CD and vinyl formats and their new single 'Unconvinced' is on amazon, apple, spotify and all digital channels. The latest video, for 'Idiot, Ignorant, Evil' is here:

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