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Rites LP hits 9th May

We are so psyched to be helping with the release of the new album from Rites, 'No Change Without Me'. This blistering new nine-track hardcore punk explosion will be available on 12" vinyl and CD from 9th May and is a co-release with our buddies at Shield Recordings (EU) and Sell The Heart Records (US).

The tracklist is: 01. Intro 02. Overdose 03. No change without me 04. Echo 05. People are alike all over 06. Ignorance is bliss 07. Low love 08. Free 09. Outro

For fans of Refused, Inside Out, Gorilla Biscuits, etc.

We long for a better future, but are we willing to put ourselves out to make it happen? Here's the anger and energy to help you decide!

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