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Rumore magazine reviews 'Rare instances of independent thinking'

"If you like melodic punk rock stained with emo, there are I Like Allie who made a track with American Laura Stevenson. The video is out and you can watch the preview".

Italy's Rumore magazine preview I Like Allie's new release 'Rare Instances of Independent Thinking' - I Like Allie's first album , Rare Instances of Independent Thinking will be released on October 8, 2021 in collaboration with Paper + Plastick (United States), Engineer Records (United Kingdom), No Reason Records (Europe) and General Soreness Records (Italy).

The Italian group I Like Allie was born as a solo project by Renato but in 2014 it turned into a full electric band with the arrival of Gio (drums), Fra (bass) and Luca (lead guitar). They have since released The Wounds You Leave EP with Paper + Plastick and then the EP of the same name, a cassette collection of all the recorded material, with the English label Real Ghost Records.

The melodic punk rock band began recording Rare Instances of Independent Thinking (which is also the title of the preview video) at the end of 2019 with Alessandro Caneva ( Fine Before You Came , Fratelli Calafuria ) at the Mobsound studio in Milan, and the recordings went ahead in 2020 with some interruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The disc was then mixed by Jeff Dean ( Samiam , Braid ) and mastered by Dan Coutant (Joshua, The World Is a Beautiful Place, War on Women), and is also enriched by a special guest, the American singer-songwriter Laura Stevenson .

On Rumore you can watch the preview video which is titled like the album, Rare Instances of Independent Thinking that you can pre-order here:

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