Scary Hours video premiere and release date set for 'Margins'

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Scary Hours 'Margins' is an 8 song blistering hardcore punk attack that is full of anger, intensity and acute awareness and articulation.

You need to hear it and now we have a video premiere date for the first track 'Worthwhile Victims' launching 19/11 on Rebel Noise, as well as the album release date, of 27/11, where it will be premiered in the USA by Big Takeover and the UK by Mass Movement.

With this album Scary Hours main man Ryan Struck shows his evolution and grasp of the reality he lives in, his disgust for many aspects of it, and his desire to be a voice of change. 

Struck says himself about the record: “With no shortage of things to write about, the record came together pretty quickly. I thought 'Margins' was an appropriate title as marginalization is a heavy theme on this record. For the LBGTQ and BIPOC communities, minorities, and those who seek to speak out and denounce their systemic oppression, to merely exist is an act of rebellion. The sentiment is highlighted in the title track and carried through pretty much the whole record.”

'Margins' is a joint label release between Pyrrhic Victory Recordings (US) & Engineer Records (UK/EU)

Video premier: 19/11 at Rebel Noise Record premier: 27/11 at Big Takeover (US) & Mass Movement (UK)

New teaser video here:

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