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Stay Calm. It's 'Our Twenties'

Calm.Our Twenties’ EP is streaming on all digital platforms now.

The physical release will follow as soon as the assembly line snaps into gear.

Blasting straight out of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, this Punk Rock four piece have gone through countless iterations over the past decade playing music together, from Midwest Emo to Hardcore to Skate Punk, and have taken all the best flavours from each phase, added some rock n roll gnarliness and combined it to come out with a massive, anthemic brand of punk rock that is all their own.

With influences ranging from Samiam, Jawbreaker, All and Fugazi to Weezer, The Dirty Nil and My Chemical Romance there are really no boundaries to the inspiration behind the Calm. sound, so long as it rages, it goes in the pot!

Their first video for 'Reptile Brain' was launched with Thoughts Words Action and their new video for 'Eat Shit Everyone' will be launched next week with Mass Movement Magazine.

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