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Tess & The Details 'Runaway' makes Dying Scene's best of the year list

"Don't let the ink dry on your Year End Best Of list just least until you give the Tess & The Details record "Runaway" a rip. Super fun, catchy, straight-forward punk rock from the Bay Area." says Dying Scene.

"San Francisco punks Tess & The Details put out their debut album, Runaway, on November 14th via Double Helix Records in the US and Engineer Records in the UK. We had them in our Record Radar a couple weeks ago, but I finally fired the album up this evening and deemed it worthy of a Featured Release post. This album is pretty awesome. Super fun. Pretty sure it’ll find its way on my year-end best-of list (which reminds me…I’ve got to work on my year-end best-of list). Anyway, there are a few vinyl variants left or you can get it on Bandcamp or wherever else you listen to your music. Check it out…especially the track “Mania.” That song rules."

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