'The Scene' book and punk rock compilation CD

Updated: Mar 20

There's been so much interest in the bands Ian Glasper has written about in his new book on the UK punk scene; 'The Scene That Would Not Die' that we have joined forces with the bands and Earth Island Books to create a compilation you can blast out whilst thumbing through the pages.

The double cd album has tracks by 59 of the 111 bands included in the book and will no doubt keep your neighbours awake all night.

Normally just 9.99 for the double album and 14.99 for the book, they can be bought together with a fiver off!

The book is packed with interviews, photos and gig flyers across 640+ pages, and weighs in at about 1.4 kilos, so some serious reading.

The tracklist for the double CD album is now confirmed as:

CD1 1, In Evil Hour – 2050

2, Burning Flag – Broken Britain

3, Domestics – A cold, raw system

4, Dealing With Damage – Making plans for misery

5, Blatoidea – Without warning

6, Rat Cage – Jump off a building

7, 51st State – Plastic president

8, Decontrol – Corporate greed

9, Billyclub – World in pain

10, Casual Nausea – Demons

11, Proud City Fathers – General Ludd

12, Abrazos – Darren says

13, Dead Objectives – Equality is not included

14, Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man – Planet Earth 2

15, Borrowed Time – The day we broke the world

16, Defcon Zero – Hang the G.L.A.

17, The Pukes – Zero hour

18, King Of Pigs – Time won’t heal

19, Whole In The Head – Understand this

20, Moral Dilemma – Ritual suicide

21, Bulletridden – Siege tactics

22, Winds Of Genocide – Mass graves of the innocent

23, Bring To Ruin – Resentment

24, Dogsflesh – Mad punks and psycho skins

25, Pray U Prey – Earth roulette

26, Burnt Cross – Arms trade, death trade

27, Flowers Of Flesh And Blood – Parasites (Live)

28, Cydernide – Beatdown

29, Bratakus –- Cup of stars

30, Thirty Six Strategies – Swallowing swords CD 2

1, Grand Collapse – Omission

2, Brassick – They saved us

3, 2 Sick Monkeys – This moment

4, The Migraines – What we do is STILL a secret!

5, This System Kills – Red brick

6, Wolfbeast Destroyer – Carved into bone

7, The Menstrual Cramps – Phone hack

8, Deathskulls – Way it is today

9, Crashed Out – Break it down

10, Atterkop – Feed

11, Epic Problem – Curse cure

12, Regret – Prepare for a fall

13, Sick Pig – D.N.R.

14, Bad Sam – Recurring mental illness

15, Runnin’ Riot – The Disgracelands

16, Armoured Flu Unit – Nowhere left

17, Not Since The Accident – Brothers!

18, Social Insecurity – Drones of war

19, Hacksaw – Angry for fags (Smokers cough mix)

20, Unholy Alliance – Pharmaceutikill

21, Sanction This – Reborn

22, Constant State Of Terror – Bombs fall like rain

23, Dogshit Sandwich – Unfit for consumption

24, Total Bloody Chaos – Her wish

25, 16 Guns – Child batterer

26, The Dangerfields – Gimme gimme rock 'n' roll

27, Fear Insight – Follow the herd

28, Brain Anguish – Smells like middle-aged angst

29, Warwound – Children of war

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