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The Stayawakes headline at Wedgewood Rooms

It's time to get out to gigs again and it's time for some Southsea fun. Check out this belter of a lineup for The Stayawakes first headliner of 2023.

Great to have our pals in Everyone Lies joining us for some punk rock action, along with Gosport's finest Rats Rats Rats and Will Misgivings' rad solo project Norm Archer.

Tickets available now for just £6 and more info here, so get to it!

The Stayawakes are our very favourite south-coast power-pop quartet, delivering big hearted jams and sweet harmonies with a visceral live energy and more volume than is strictly necessary.

There's still a few copies of their second album 'Pop Dreamz', available on both pink vinyl LP and CD in the Eng Recs store, which sees the band more focused with intent on delivering an immediacy and urgency across eleven great pop-punk tracks.

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