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Thoughts Words Action review Minor Planets 'Neverending Days' EP

Neverending Days” is the latest extended play release by Minor Planets, a relatively new project consisting of Flamsteed, Àncora, and Torches members. The band also released “Outsiders,” another excellent EP, so their recent material serves as an adequate follow-up. Sound-wise, they nurture quite a characteristic sound based upon modern pop-punk, but you’ll notice how some other complementary music genres found their way into this fine piece of sonic artistry. Don’t be surprised if you notice some sonic manoeuvres that might resemble something renowned hardcore, emo, indie, or alternative bands would eventually record over the years. This comprehensive collection of different but complementary music genres gives them more options to express themselves and helps them resonate with such a versatile, fresh, and unique sound.

“Neverending Days” carries four new songs and a couple of tracks from the “Outsiders” EP. As soon as you press play, you’ll notice how Minor Planets figured out that a combination of acoustic and electric guitars works best for their music. The continuous duelling of acoustic chord progressions on one side, and semi-distorted themes, leads, melodies, harmonies, and riffs on the other define a rich and luxurious ambiance that resonates harmoniously from scratch to finish. It’s also good to mention that these guitar works serve as a perfect backdrop for outstanding vocal performance. The flawlessly executed vocal harmonies perfectly balance between low, mid, and high notes, emphasizing all segments and instrumentations in every song. You’ll also hear how occasional back vocals and singalongs give more complexity and detail to these tracks.

Of course, these tracks wouldn’t sound this good without the exceptional rhythm section. The skilful bassist supports guitars with equally complex, vividly hearable, warm-sounding low-end notes but also acts as a binding element between mentioned instrumentations and drums. The excellent drumming performance keeps the remainder of the band in line and offers groove and pace with tastefully assembled, dynamic, well-accentuated beats, breaks, fills, and other percussive acrobatics. Minor Planets sound top-notch from beginning to end, offering impressive ideas and musicianship to even the pickiest listeners. Their ability to write, compose, arrange, record, and produce calm, soothing, relaxing, ethereal compositions where mellowness and melodies emitted by both guitars meet the delicate heaviness of the rhythm section goes beyond comprehension so many times during this EP. The band paid attention to every detail, so you’ll notice everything they intended to showcase with their songs thanks to the sound quality that meets all the trends in contemporary music production. If you’re looking for a profoundly melodic pop-punk sound with a touch of mellow alternative, indie, and emo sound, “Neverending Days” is a perfect choice for you. “Neverending Days” is available on CD via Engineer Records. Don’t miss it!

Minor Planets have a gig with The Coldest July coming up on 12th January at Sala Bar Ceferino in Barcelona.

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