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Tired Radio are 'coming for everyone' in '23

Tired Radio will be back on tour next month, from the 6th to the 22nd January, and they will be 'Coming for everyone' so we'll see you in the ball pit!

1.6 Philadelphia, PA @silkcitydiner

1.7 Pittsburgh, PA @thegovernmentcenter

1.8 Akron, OH @theofficialmusica

1.10 St. Louis, MO @sinkholestl

1.11 Nashville, TN @thecobranashville

1.12 Atlanta, GA @starcommunitybar

1.13 Gainesville, FL @looseyspub

1.14 Sanford, FL @sanfordpunkfest

1.15 St. Petersburg, FL @ TBA

1.17 Charleston, SC @tin_roof_charleston

1.18 Durham, NC @rubiesonfivepoints

1.20 Chatham, NJ @twinelephantbrewing

1.22 Brooklyn, NY @goldsoundsbar

Poster: @mariekc

Tired Radio's brilliant 'Patterns' LP and other releases are in the Engineer Records store.

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