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Tired Radio's 'Patterns' LP goes to second pressing

The debut release by New York’s most exciting band, Tired Radio, contains eight tracks of the catchiest post-punk tuneage you will ever hear. The band are kicking off all over, and rightly so. Engineer Records released the album both on CD and LP, with partner labels worldwide for the vinyl, and both sold out fast. Working with our US partners Sinking Ship Records we have now pressed them again and have both the CD and new LP's back in stock. The second pressing vinyl comes in various new shades of pink.

The first pressing of the vinyl LP was 326 copies - 219 pink vinyl and 107 clear /pink-splatter vinyl.

The new second pressing is 300 more copies - 100 each on different shades of pink that we are calling; Transparent Pink, Oxblood/Pink Marble (Tour Exclusive) and 'Five Day Bender' Insomnia w/ Neon Pink Splatter. See the pictures and choose your favourite!

Engineer Records now has the second press in stock and CDs too!

Although we are sold out of the first press, you can still pick one up from our release partners and stockists. In the UK; Just Say No To Government Music and Boss Tuneage. In Europe; Shield, Sonic Slap and We Are Sharks Records, and in the US; Pyrrhic Victory, Hobo Wolfman and Sinking Ship Records.


1, Intro (Hurt less)

2, Making plans

3, Send for a hopsital

4, Mostly downs

5, This is over

6, Five day bender

7, Stay home

8, Gouge

And just in case you'd forgotten what an amazing band Tired Radio are, check out these videos: Five Day Bender, Send For A Hospital and Making Plans.

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