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Twenty years later...

On February 8, 2002, 20 years ago today, two bands from the south of Germany released a split 12“ EP on German label Memento and UK’s Ignition Records. (Ignition is now Engineer Records). Recorded in a studio near the Mercedes Benz plant that has since been torn down to make way for more factory space, Tidal had just come back from a summer tour through France and Spain and both bands recorded and mixed their songs in just two days. A few months later, Tidal would embark on their biggest adventure, a tour of South America, in a time where nothing seemed out of reach for the band.

'Warten auf Godot' shows the energy and conviction these five kids had, constantly trying to break limitations and expectations.

On the other side of this record, the two songs by the unfortunately short-lived Acabah Rot are a perfect blend of emo/post hardcore craftsmanship, displayed in their brilliant dual guitar work, tricky rhythms and beautiful, almost poppy hooks. A perfectly symbiotic record by two bands in their formative years when nothing seemed impossible.

(by Chris Späth of Tidal, now Abermals).

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