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Unboxing new vinyl with Thoughts Words Action

Our good buddies at Thoughts Words Action @PunkRockBlog have been creating great unboxing videos for new release vinyl to go alongside their reviews.

Recently they have done two variants of Tired Radio, Wake The Dead, Low Standards High Fives and 3dBs Down with All Aboard being filmed this weekend.

You can watch the videos here:

Tired Radio - Patterns LP - Pink vinyl -

Tired Radio - Patterns LP - clear splatter vinyl -

Wake The Dead - Still Burning LP -

Low Standards High Fives - How Personality Works 12" EP -

3 dBs Down - Get Your Retaliation In First LP -

All Aboard! - The Rules Of Distraction LP - Review (Unboxing video very soon).

Also coming soon, there will be unboxing videos for The Stayawakes, Amalia Bloom, Neckscars, Piledriver and About Leaving too! Maybe even the Antillectual, Bear Away and Elemae EPs too. It's a great format and good way to hear and see the new records. We love it. Thanks Djordje!

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