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VCI's album launch and tour, supported by video premiere at Thoughts Words Action

Verse, Chorus, Inferno.'s brilliant new video 'Dreams' will premiere tomorrow with our friends at Thoughts Words Action punk rock blog as a warm up for their rocking new album, 'Flying a DeLorean to 2007'.

This record will be jointly released by Engineer Records, Eternalis Records, PASIDARYK PATS Records and High End Denim Records and will be available from 28th October.

There's a pre-order for the vinyl in our store here now, and you can check out VCI's previous single, 'Fast times in Den Haag' here.

To celebrate the album's release Verse, Chorus, Inferno. will be going back on tour. We're thrilled to announce the first five shows of the 'Flying a DeLorean Tour' in the poster above.

These will be the first stops, including two big release parties, but there are more date sot be added soon.

Finally, huge thanks to Rote Res Bodenmais, Arci Joshua Blues Club, Hardstaff Booking Agency, Bloom, Bawlers Asso and Youth Authority Records for making this tour possible.

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