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Visions Magazine premiere Sleave's new video for 'Our Golden Rule'

After the party comes the hangover – or as in the case of the US alternative punk band Sleave: a new song about the golden rule that you should take to heart when dealing with yourself and your fellow human beings.

With the power-pop anthem "Birthday", Sleave had already made it clear which direction they were aiming for with the follow-up to their debut album and where the answers to the pressing questions of growing up could be found – including the clown who spoiled the party for the alternative rockers in the accompanying video. Now, they're back with "Our Golden Rule" the third video, after "Birthday" and "Clean". Without a clown, but with igniting guitars and black-and-white filters, matching the mood.

"You're a little bit of everything yes all rolled into one/ You're a little bit of everything your baggage weighs a ton/ You're a little bit of everything/ You're everything I'm not", it goes, accompanied by an almost mild and atmospheric singing. However, this idyll, which is evoked in image and sound in the first few seconds, does not last too long.

As if they had to shake off the weight of the entire world that weighs on their shoulders, they then launch into a shouted post-hardcore sweeping blow: Anger and melancholy balance each other out, leaving room for quiet nuances. Motto: If life gets too much for you, just throw your worries into the shredder or smash them with the electric guitar before they destroy you.

A statement from the band reads: "'Our Golden Rule' is about our relationships with each other – the good, the bad and the annoying. The stomping slowness of the track matches the emotional weight of something we don't know is so haunting until we get rid of it. Even if it's staring us straight in the face."

Their new album "How To Get Over" will be released worldwide on April 26th via Gunner, Engineer, Sell The Heart, Sleepy Dog and FIA Records and is available for pre-order through the labels.

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