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"Picturesque" is the incredible new album by Italian emo hardcore band Amalia Bloom, a wide-ranging work in which the band finds a new balance between melody and harsher sounds. A record dedicated to their beloved yet suffering city, an outlet with which the band gains momentum and reacts to the recent years spent in isolation.


This is the long awaited 12" vinyl version of 'Picturesque', finally pressed and shipping now.

You can order the record and we'll send it with extra goodies too!


Amalia Bloom is five friends with their feet firmly planted in their hometown Vicenza, their heads turned overseas, towards the American scene of the 90s and 00s, with broken hearts in between. Their music results in a peculiar mix of punk rock, hardcore and emo through which they search for a personal, overwhelming and visceral sound, combined with nostalgic lyrics, screamed and whispered with energy, strength and intimate passion.


The band released their first album Maiden Voyage in 2019, distributed on CD, vinyl and cassette worldwide by Engineer Records. In 2020 they released the single At Eternity's Gate and in 2021 the acoustic EP Alive, a ballet.


Amalia Bloom are Tommaso Capitello (vocals), Ettore Pernigotti (guitar and backing vocals), Federico Ceretta (guitar and backing vocals), Antonio Donà (bass) and Stefano Rigo, (drums).


Amalia Bloom have toured all over Europe and are always looking for more gigs.


FFO: Touché Amoré, Birds In Row, Poison The Well, Defeater, La Disoute, Pianos Become The Teeth.


Picturesque Tracklist:

To bide time

Sleeping beauty

On canvas



Analog you


At a crossroads




Credits: Music by Amalia Bloom, lyrics by Tommaso Capitello (with the exception of 'Analog you'’s lyrics by Ettore Pernigotti). Recording by Elia Guglielmi, Il Baito - Riprese Audio in Mosson (VI). Mix and master by Maurizio “Icio” Baggio, La Distilleria - Produzioni Musicali in Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza).

Amalia Bloom - Picturesque LP

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