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London punk-rockers Barking Poets have stepped up a gear with their old-school influenced, sing-a-long, political pop-punk tracks and their blinding new EP, 'Southsea Sounds', will let everyone know where they are now.

These six hook-laden rockers, recorded at Southsea Studios with Tim Greaves at the desk, are set for release on 1st September.

There will be a digital download across all channels and a handy CD version for blasting in your car, that you can order now!


The Poets continue to sing anthems about austerity, racism, climate change, self belief and populist politics, all sound-tracked by riffs galore, so you'll be jumping around, or just tapping your feet and singing along in no time.

These punkers have a lot to say and people need to listen.


'Southseas Sounds' tracklist:

Getting Away With It

We Will Overcome

I Could Have Been A Contender

Punching Down

Part Of The Problem

Going Back To London Town


Several of the tracks on this release will be digital singles with videos, and all orders of the CD will receive extra punk-rock goodies too!

Barking Poets - Southsea Sounds CD

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