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The rocking debut release by Yorkshire's Bear Away with four tracks of sing-a-long hardcore anthems. Your new favourite band. (CD, card sleeve).


1, Parts and labour

2, Is there any god up there

3, Growing up

4, Never complete


Bear Away have finally found the music they all want to play. Their influences range from Bouncing Souls, Hot Water Music, Bear Trade to Minor Threat & Black Flag as well as countless others.

Jacob, the singer, has kindly given us a blow by blow run through of the stories and ideas behind the tracks;

Parts and labour: Relating to my youth and how me and my best friend took on life, never taking anything serious and just living the dream, we were poor and lost but always managed to have the best time ideally with a drink in our hands, running out of fuel in the middle of the night, but there was no panic just put some music on and wait it out till the next adventure comes along, not a worry in sight.

Is there any god up there: Everything is going to shit and you can’t figure out how to overcome it, I realised if you’re not alone then life becomes that little bit easier. It’s about reflecting on what you’ve become, taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture, you could believe in anything as long as it has a positive effect on your life then you will continue to do great things. 

Growing up: So now I’m in my early 30’s I guess a little bit of panic sets in, I haven’t bought a house or a new car yet, but am I supposed to? Will it make a difference? Does it even matter? The choices I’ve made possibly got me to the point where I struggle to pay my bills, and work the long hours for not much to show, but that’s truly not why we were put on this planet to pay someone else to survive? If you my kids and my wife are happy to me that is all that matters I can sort all the grown up shit another time, keep the people you love close and don’t worry about anyone else who probably isn’t bothered about you. The outro to the song is a question to myself, and maybe realising things don’t always go to plan, and the chorus is a reminder not to grow up to fast, you’re only on this tiny planet 

Never complete: 
I guess a song about coming to terms with my mental state. Realising you’re not always in control of your emotions, going over a situation and realising you could of done it better, could of been the simplest thing that tipped you over the edge but you carry on overthinking and losing yourself to it. The chorus is relating to me, almost talking about how I never felt complete to myself.


CD joint release with Engineer Records and Disillusioned Records.

(Track write up from Apathy and Exhaustion, )

Bear Away - Never in the same place CD

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