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BREAK TO BROKEN, the transcontinental post-punk trio known for their raw energy and DIY ethos, has announced that their third release, "White & Gray + 2” is now available on all streaming platforms. The EP features three electrifying original tracks that showcase the band’s evolution while remaining true to their post-punk roots.

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The highly anticipated record comes on the heels of their previous release, 2023’s “My Better Half +2.” That release was another three-song EP which featured the unexpectedly successful cover of "My Better Half,” which was originally recorded in 1986 by the short-lived Washington DC, band One Last Wish.


The EP opens with the title track, "White & Gray," featuring guest vocals from Tim Steward of the legendary Aussie band, Screamfeeder. The driving rhythm and infectious riffs provide the perfect backing for Steward’s trademark melodic and emotive vocals. Things continue with "Still Breathing," a blistering track that captures the band's signature intensity and introspective lyricism. Rounding out the EP is "Normalcy," a classic punk anthem that will leave you nostalgic for that 90s punk sound.


In addition to a digital release on all streaming platforms, "White & Gray + 2" will be available on a limited edition 7" vinyl record via Engineer Records.

You can pre-order the vinyl starting May 1st, 2024. This is the pre-order.

This marks the band’s second release with the UK-based label.


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BREAK TO BROKEN formed in October of 2020 during a global pandemic, bringing together musicians from opposite sides of the globe. Drawing inspiration from the DIY ethos of the 90s punk scene, the band creates a unique blend of post-punk, hardcore, and indie rock, characterized by their raw energy, introspective lyricism, and uncompromising vision. With their debut album, "The War on Sparrows," and subsequent releases, BREAK TO BROKEN continues to push the boundaries of their sound while staying true to their roots. For more info visit

Break To Broken - White & Gray +2 7"

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