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Brighton based hardcore/emo band Come The Spring's first release. Six tracks of complex and passionate rock from the ex-members of Rydell, My So Called Life and Strength Alone.


1, Conditions

2, Northern star

3, Patching the cracks doesn't make it foolproof

4, Readbeforeyouwatch

5, The state isn't important as long as we're one

6, Statues



‘Conditions’ opens the EP. The song ticks all the boxes; big sounding guitars and drums, the breakdown, the catchy chorus.

Into a slower effort, ‘Northern Star’.  Towards the end of the song my ears began to perk up, with harmonies that would benefit the band more if they were included more, and a scream that seemed to come from nowhere.

A completely different sound to the previous songs, ‘Patching The Cracks Doesn’t Make It Foolproof’ is a great example of what Come The Spring are capable of. Blink 182-esque at the beginning, until it breaks into the chorus that will no doubt be bugging me for days.

Getting heavier now, ‘Readbeforeyouwatch’ is a maturer effort from the band, and shows the band have a lot up their sleeve, including more harmonies which makes me question why they’re not used more. 

Back to the slower sound from the beginning, ‘The State Isn’t Important As Long As We’re One’  is a great example of what the vocalist is capable of.  A great choice of song to lead into ‘Statues’, the final song of the EP. Whether written  to be intended to close the EP or not, the drums building up at the beginning of the track and the guitars and vocals from the start have such a great atmosphere to them that it’s obvious why it’s closing the EP.

(Review from Already Heard )


Come The Spring - Seven for a secret CD

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