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'Hard On The Trail' contains eleven songs which are an ideal fix for every Hot Water Music and Samiam nerd.

Every track is an emo-core classic and song no. 11 is a cover of Don Henley's 'Boys Of Summer', a track that we already know from bands like The Ataris, but Rydell's version is better by far. It shows the courage of these musicians too as Rydell blast it out in their own rocking style.


1, Know now

2, Darkness before home

3, Born witness

4, Awkward times

5, Cut to the end

6, Shifter (Girls with skulls)

7, Analysis of evidence

8, Fire at the end of the street

9, Ground never held me

10, Team building exercise

11, Boys of summer


The singer knows how to express the mood of the songs with his well-known voice. What's typical, at least on every Rydell release, is the particular sadness and melancholy in the songs, although they can be quite punky on the one hand and yet quite catchy-pop-like on the other. The guitars are distorted in certain parts but clean and full of harmony in other parts. Rydell also play fantastic pop-parts, a trademark of this band. One can read "always stay true" in the credits and I know that the band itself has always been the best example in realising that. With "Hard On The Trail" Rydell play the music they always did and do what they were always best at. It's quite understandable that Rydell are called the British Hot Water Music. "Hard On The Trail" does not kick in directly after the first listening. One first has to cope with some quite tricky rhythms and unexpected and surprising melodies. But after doing this Rydell are a man's best friend and songs like "Awkward Times", "Born Witness" and "Analysis Of The Evidence" become so familiar it's clear that they have the potential to become personal top-hits. 
As it seems this band will always be England's un-crowned kings of the melodic hardcore genre. To the people out there wanting to listen to honest, passionate music with lots of energy, I can say Rydell are the perfect deal. 

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Rydell - Hard on the trail CD

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