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Couch Potatoes – Excess All Areas

‘Genuine Kentifornian Couchcore the press release proclaims, well this is beautifully played poppy hardcore packed with hooks and melody. It reminds me of Samiam at their best. Perhaps this sort of thing has been done before but this group makes the music seem as relevant and powerful as it ever was. ‘Impossible easier’ stands out as a brilliant piece of hardcore. I’m glad to see that the US no longer has the monopoly on worthwhile HC groups. This is definitely worth purchasing’.

(Review from Prototype zine)


1, Lunchbox

2, Impossible easier

3, Part of you

4, Weak

5, Kill it

6, Three

7, Another

8, Bob

9, Hole

10, Why

11, Hooked

12, Take it

13, This morning

14, Excess


A rocking album of buzzsaw skatecore for fans of Desecendents, Samiam, Dag Nasty, Green Day, Hard Ons, MTX and the like. Re-issued on Boss Tuneage.

Couch Potatoes - Excess all areas CD

SKU: 689492168926
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