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An early rock duo, comprised of Elemae veterans Craig Cirinelli and multi-instrumentalist Chris Homentosky. Melodic but wandering rifferama with great vocals. A rare treat for all you rockers.


1, Elevation overload

2, Man falls

3, Where fear and courage meet

4, Contrition

5, Absentee

6, Tarred and feathered

7, Neil downs

8, The appointment

9, The maven

10, Caught in the traps

11, Walk alone ( The unapology)


Seems I got a thing for Craig Cirinelli.  Just about everything I've ever heard from any of his many projects has hit me in just the right place.  Whether it's (Damn) This Desert Air, Hidden Cabins or The World Concave, I know what I'm in store for.  Complexly arranged, modern progressive rock with layers of melody and a few surprises in just the right places.  Despite the Raven is no different.  A duo, composed of Craig and multi-instrumentalist Chris Homentosky, Despite the Raven explore a heavier side of Craig's wandering muse.  A song like "Man Falls" bursts out of the gate riding the weight of that meaty riff, veering close to stoner/doom in quality.  But as expected with Craig's work, nothing is ever as it seems, and "Man Falls" sears through layers of staccato progressive guitar and soaring vocals.
 "Where Fear and Courage Meet" follows a similar path, of gut-punching heaviness in parts, balanced by dynamic shifts and open spaces.   Muted vocals whisper over the barest of instruments before raging over the mounting crescendo.  Very Floyd-esque in all the right places.   Progressive rock that never loses itself up it's own ass.  Beauty and bleakness.  Heavy and Light.   "Absentee" may just be one of the heaviest prog songs I've heard in ages, with captivating guitar work, crushing riffs and melodies that won't leave my head. 
All in all, an impressive debut for this band.  Heavier than much of Craig's prior work, but no less melodic or captivating.

(Review from The Ripple Effect, )

Despite The Raven - Hereinafter CD

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