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Fat Heaven came into 2023 REAL hot with their new album, 'Trash Life'.

The album showcases the band's incredible sense of pop-punk sensibility and song craft.

Featuring 4 brand new tracks along with 6 previously released songs: 4 from the Cry Baby EP and 2 from their split with Trashy, this 10 song banger is a quick but fulfilling listen.


Available in three vinyl variants (Pink, Green* or Purple) the album was released on February 24th and is a joint release by Engineer Records (UK), Sell The Heart Records (US) and Waterslide Records (Japan).

Gunner Records (Germany) also has a limited number of copies on hand if you are in the EU and would like a copy with less shipping and customs hassles.


*NB: The Green vinyl variant is exclusive to the Sell The Heart Records 2023 Record Club, a great deal you should check out.


Order this catchy pop-punk rocker now and we'll send it along with plenty of extra goodies.


You can check out the video for the first single, 'Quarter Life Crisis', over at now.

Fat Heaven - Trash Life LP

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