Nearly twenty years ago Engineer Records worked with an incredible band called A Rocket Sent To You and released tracks for them both on the Firework Anatomy compilation (IGN003) and the Rydell / San Geronimo / ARSTY (IGN005) split too. Now, Chris Wetterman (guitarist), one of the original members, has been working on an awesome new nine track EP called 'Resonate' (IGN286) under the new band name of Forever Again.


Forever Again is an American Indie rock band based in the Washington DC area. Their debut album, Resonate, is now released by Engineer Records. (The first single from it, 'Rearview Mirror' is already getting airplay by rock radio stations and great reviews). Beginning as a solo project of Chris Wetterman, (former guitarist for the band A Rocket Sent to You) the band officially formed when Wetterman joined with vocalist Christian Nuckels. The duo met in the Fall of 2017 and quickly realised they shared the same musical background and a long list of similar influences. It was about a year later that Wetterman was asked by Nuckels to play guitar for his solo album, Alive and Free. During that process the two teamed up to further evolve Wetterman’s material into these indie power-pop anthems.


The full tracklist for Forever Again's 'Resonate' is: 'Rearview mirror', 'Around the world', 'Indecisions', '8/9', 'Voices', 'Epitaph', 'Threads', 'Healing hands' and 'Slowdance on the ceiling'.

The album is available now on digital channels and CD and will be on limited edition LP later this year.


For Fans Of: Mineral, Penfold, The Gloria Record, Pop Unknown, Appleseed Cast, A Rocket Sent To You, The Moirai, Rydell, San Geronimo, Crosstide.

Forever Again - Resonate CD


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