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Kid You Not belt out emotionally driven punk rock in the vein of bands like Neckscars, Tired Radio, Iron Chic, Hot Water Music, Spanish Love Songs and The Menzingers.

Hailing from Saint Augustine, FL these guys write catchy hooks that stick deep and rock hard.


Kid You Not’s fourth album, 'Here’s to feelin’ good all the time', bursts with ten tracks of powerful positiveness underlined with singalong melodies. 


'Here’s to feelin’ good all the time' is released on Sell The Heart Records, Bypolar Records and Engineer Records on 14th October 2022, with the vinyl LP shipping now.



01. I Am Who I Am and I Wish I Weren’t

02. Last of a Lost Generation
03. First of a Dying Breed
04. Doomscrolling

05. The Longer It Isn’t Us the More It Will Happen

06. I’m Not Superstitious but I Am a Little Stitious

07. Fire Sale! Everything Must Go
08. Sounded Like a Good Idea at the Time

09. Midlife Crisis Actor
10. Here’s to Feelin’ Good All the Time


• “Abandoning abrasive angst in the face of melody, intricate guitar work, and a sort of depressive hopefulness. While not shying away from branching into emo and pop punk, Kid You Not retains all the aggression and rawness you’d expect from a punk rock band.” - PunkNews


• “Uplifting, melancholy-infused punk anthems that make you want to punch a hole in the air with your fist while hugging a bear and whoever has the misfortune of standing close to you.” -PunkRockTheory


• “The kind of stuff that goes over well in a small club to a bunch of sweaty packed in kids singing along with their fists in the air!” - Release Wave


• “Brimming with coarse, sing-your-throat-raw gang vocals, this isn’t circle pit punk rock or sweat-away-your troubles as you pogo punk. It’s moody punk that matches words with the tone in an endless search for meaning that cynically gives up and settles for find- ing identity in a big cathartic chorus instead.” - Scene Point Blank


This brilliant album on vinyl 12" LP is shipping now.

Kid You Not- Here’s to feelin’ good all the time LP

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