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When the sun sets over Barcelona’s historic streets, you can almost hear the melodies of Minor Planets, a band imbued with a unique blend of Get Up Kids-inspired melodic rock and an underlying punk ethos. They’ve emerged as a celestial body in the alt-rock universe, their music painting in all the shades of life’s highs and lows.


This autumn, the band will release their maiden CDEP, ‘Neverending Days,’ a portfolio of six tracks that explore a range of human experiences and societal intricacies. These are not just songs; they’re anthems for anyone navigating the labyrinthine landscapes of modern life.


Released via Engineer Records and Deal With Hate Records, the EP delves into themes as diverse as personal loss, labour exploitation, the unchecked whims of capitalism, and the aging process. Equally compelling is its commentary on the paradox of alternative music scenes, which can metamorphose from platforms of inclusivity into elitist enclaves.


Produced in the prolific setting of El Turonet studio under the guidance of Claudi Arimany, and mastered by Mario Patiño at La Atlantida Studio, ‘Neverending Days’ is a reflection of the members’ nearly two-decade long journey through the punk and hardcore terrains of Barcelona.


Neverending Days CD tracklist:

The Distance 2. Sunsets & Sunrises 3. Santa Carla 4. Bakery Chain 5. Outsiders 6. Caper.


You can order the new CD now, hot from the pressing plant and ready to rock your stereo.


Among the tracks on the EP, “Sunsets and Sunrises” stands as an ode to fleeting moments and the vitality of living in the present. The song is a paradoxical blend of the ephemeral and the eternal, encapsulating the essence of the band itself. It tells listeners that while life’s sunsets may signal the end of a day, they also usher in the promise of a new dawn.


The song, written and performed by Minor Planets, features an evocative music video captured through the lens of Elena Moreno and SetGrafics, with whimsical scenery elements courtesy of Elm Oliver and Cristina Romero. Produced and engineered at SetGrafics studio, the visual piece complements the music in a profound way, acting as a physical manifestation of the song’s ethereal themes.


Formed in 2021, the band consists of five seasoned musicians: Dani (Vocals and guitar), Jaume and Jordi (Guitars), Álvaro (Bass), and Carlos (Drums). Each member brings a rich history of involvement in Barcelona’s punk and hardcore scenes and a diverse palate of musical influences, including American rock luminaries such as The Menzingers, Dave Hause, The Gaslight Anthem, and Alkaline Trio.


After a reflective hiatus induced by the global pandemic, the group decided to stretch their musical boundaries. They ventured into a softer, more melodic domain without betraying their punk rock lineage. The band’s inaugural demo, ‘Outsiders’, catapulted them into the spotlight, laying the groundwork for their new EP and carving a distinct niche in the alternative rock scene.


‘Neverending Days’ is more than just an EP; it’s a declaration of the band’s innovative spirit. The journey to its creation started as early as mid-2022 when Minor Planets booked studio time to record their first-ever demo. The demo, aptly titled ‘Outsiders’, featured two songs that propelled the band into the limelight, becoming a prologue to their upcoming six-song EP.

“Turn your pain into power,” they say, a mantra echoing through the veins of their music. And as we journey with them from ‘Sunsets to Sunrises,’ perhaps we’ll find the strength to face our own neverending days.


Minor Planets is:

Dani (Vocals and guitar)

Jaume (Guitar)

Jordi (Guitar)

Álvaro (Bass)

Carlos (Drums)


For more information about Minor Planets, visit:





Minor Planets - Neverending Days CD

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