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Moonraker and Neckscars have teamed up to bring you this awesome split 12-inch on clear smoke vinyl.

The record will be officially released on 20th October via Bypolar Records, Sell The Heart Records and Engineer Records.

You can pre-order your copy now.

The kick-ass tracklist is:
    1. Ticker Tape
    2. Heels
    3.. Fireman
    4. Level I - Dusted
    5. Level II - Insufferable
    6. Level III - Tequila Hands


Moonraker are The Michael Jordan of Baseball of Punk Rock - the tongue-in-cheek descriptor has been Moonraker’s calling sign for over a decade.

David Green (Drums/Vox), Nick Schambra (Vox/Bass) and Matt Sampson (Guitar) describe the slogan as meaning that perhaps they might excel more at something else, but this is the playing field they happen to be on so they should swing for the fences anyway.

The Los Angel-ish 3-piece has been touring the country extensively since it’s inception. Numerous grueling and ill-advised winter tours through the midwest early on eventually led to more comfortable climate jaunts across the US and into Canada, Mexico, Japan and the UK.

Their brand of reference-heavy, heart-on-your-sleeve melodic punk speaks to an audience of like-minded individuals just dying to feel seen or understood.

So, you know, exactly like Michael Jordan or whatever.


Formed in Downstate, New York in late 2018, Neckscars are Will Romeo (Vox/Guitar), Justin Parish (Guitar/Vox), Colin Harte (Bass/Vox) and Lawrence Miller (Drums). Over the past two decades the members have been cutting their teeth in the DIY scene and have gathered to form this expansive collaboration. The result was a classic punk rock and roll sound that doesn’t lean too hard on nostalgia and standard formulas. You can hear them echo influences ranging from seaweed to Dead Boys as they embrace their unbridled enthusiasm.


This split between the two bands is the culmination of a friendship dating back to 2015 when Moonraker and Neckscars (who at the time were known as The Game Day Regulars) shared a hotel room at Death to False Hope Fest in Durham, North Carolina.

Parts of Moonraker’s debut record (2016’s ‘Fail Better’) were written while David and Nick from Moonraker crashed on the couch of Neckscars’ Will and Justin’s Beacon, New York apartment. Moonraker’s contribution to the split is their first new music since last year’s critically acclaimed, ‘The Forest’, while Neckscars’ side of the release bridges the gap between their stellar debut (2021’s Don’t Panic) and their eagerly anticipated sophomore LP.


The six tracks from these two bands run the gamut of regret, triumph, drinking, paranoia, drinking, isolation, drinking, drugs, friendship and just to mix things up a little, drinking.

The two bands from opposite coasts will be playing at Vecinos in Gainesville, Florida on Saturday, October 28th as part of the Fest as well as a pre-Fest show at Cage Brewing in St. Petersburg, Florida on October 26th and some east coast dates in November.


Moonraker / Neckscars – Split LP

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