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New York’s Neckscars are teaming up with Engineer and Sell The Heart Records to release their new album, 'Don't Panic' this summer.


Formed in Downstate, New York in late 2018, Neckscars are Will Romeo (Vox/Guitar), Justin Parish (Guitar/Vox), Colin Harte (Bass), and Craig Sala (Drums). Over the past two decades the members have been cutting their teeth in the DIY scene and have gathered to form this expansive collaboration. Without any specific stylistic direction in mind, they were determined to write a diverse collection of songs which proved to be an enjoyable process. The result was a classic punk rock and roll sound that doesn’t lean too hard on nostalgia and standard formulas. You can hear them echo influences ranging from Seaweed to Dead Boys as they embrace their unbridled enthusiasm.


In March of 2020, Neckscars entered Nada Studios in Montgomery, New York with Producer John Naclerio and Sean-Paul Pillsworth for their first full-length recording. Ripping through 8 songs in just three days, the session came to halt in response to the Covid-19 Global Pandemic. The band returned in the fall to tie up loose ends and bring another two songs to the table. Completed with a mastering by Jesse Cannon, Neckscars will be releasing their debut album Don’t Panic in the summer of 2021.


These guys have put together a brilliant rocking album of songs that you really need to hear.

Definitely one for fans of Hot Water Music, Iron Chic, Nothington, Menzingers, Tired Radio, Spanish Love Songs, Bear Away, Rydell, Hunter Gatherer, Small Brown Bike and the like.


This is a pre-order to receive the album as soon as we have it back from the pressing plant. This was due to be mid-July and we are hoping it will be asap. In the meantime a CD version will be pressed too. (This is for the CD version).



In front of me

Born sick



Not enough JPM's



Running man

Let you down

First time, long time


Album Credits

Recorded at Nada Recording Studios in Montgomery, NY by John Naclerio and Sean-Paul Pillsworth in the Spring and Fall of 2020.

Mastered by Jesse Cannon at Found Soundation.

Will Romeo: Vocals, Guitar

Justin Parish: Guitar, Vocals

Colin Harte: Bass, Acoustic and 12 String Guitar

Craig Sala: Drums, Vocals, Keys


Photo Credits

Album Cover Photo and Band Promo Photos by Mike Mannhaupt


Release Date:  June 18th 2021. (Digital)


Social Media

Twitter: @neckscars

Instagram: @neckscars



Neckscars - Don't Panic CD

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