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Raging out of South Wales and intent on bringing old school hardcore back to the forefront are POSITIVE REACTION. Sonically the 4 piece... soon to be 5-piece, take their lead from such legendary bands as NEGATIVE APPROACH and AGNOSTIC FRONT, but they add a dash of mid 90’s groove in to the mix, for good measure and aren’t afraid to add the odd solo in either.

Lyrically, singer Mike Davies uses the “less is more” DISCHARGE approach to vocals, dividing his fury between taking down fascists and venting on life’s struggles.


Mixed by and also featuring, Jeff Rose of DUB WAR,“Dreaming of Violence” is the bands second recording and is a much more focused affair, with 4-tracks that seeks to bridge the gap between the old school and the new school.


The job of putting the bleak source material onto canvas was assigned to artist Leigh Sinclair whose nightmarish vision, perfectly encapsulates Mike’s lyrical crusade.


This blasting four track digipak CD is available for pre-order now and will be bursting your ear-drums and keeping you bouncing off the walls very soon.

Positive Reaction - Dreaming of Violence CD

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