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R.C. Sullivan is a melodic hardcore band from Groningen (the Netherlands). The band originated in 2012 and consists of Jared (vocals), Lennart (guitar), Edo (guitar), Joris (drums) en Jan Jaap (bass).


'Masquerade' is their rocking new four track 7".



01. Day to Day

02. Chaising Rainbows

03. Masquerade

04. Back in the Game


Pressing info: 

10x Testpress

300x Tranparent Red vinyl


We’ll also have a very special deal! You can order a copy of the Caution 12 inch together with the 7 inch (Normally £5.99) for only a tenner (all together!) How's that for a deal? 

R.C. Sullivan - Masquerade 7" EP

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