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Side Project's debut album ‘Bittersweet’ is a rocking collection of songs written in a conceptual style from a fictional character’s pointof view, sharing their innermost thoughts, detailing the demise of a relationship and the conflicts that result from that.


Crafting each song with hooks and sing-along moments whilst staying true to the bittersweet story being told, Side Project have created a sound that fits well with modern pop punk. You'll all have a different favourite track, from the anthemic ‘Sad Songs’ and punchy ‘It’s Not A Title, It’s A Label’ to the emotional ‘Macee’s Song’ and upbeat album closer ‘The Thoughts I have When I Fail To Sleep’. Each song feels unique but still tie together, giving the album a real sense of telling a story.


These Leicester based pop-punkers blast out so many catchy and rocking tunes they will blow you away. The first single from the album is called 'It's not a title, it's a label' and was premiered on Kerrang Radio by Johnny Doom, then on Hard Rock Hell, with the video laucnhing with our chums at Mass Movement magazine. The second video single, 'Sad Songs' premiered with our friends at Punk Rock Theory and the full album will officially be available after the launch show in their hometown of Leicester at The Shed, with Autumn Fires and label-mates The Wolf Howls When I Scream Your Name, on 7th August.


We have copies now for the pre-order that come with A3 'Side Project ' posters and extra goodies.




  • Bittersweet (i)
  • Sad Songs
  • Worst Of Me
  • It’s Not A Title, It’s A Label
  • This Isn’t Flying, It’s Falling In Style
  • Sanity
  • Bittersweet (ii)
  • A Thousand Goodbyes
  • Macee’s Song
  • Mind Games
  • The Thoughts I Have When I Fail To Sleep


Band Members


Ben Pritchard – Lead Vocals

Josh Vale – Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals

Phil Robinson – Lead Guitar

Matt West – Bass

Alex Hudson – Drums


Album Credits


Produced, Mixed & Master – Innersound Audio

Guest Vocals on This Isn’t Flying, It’s Falling In Style – Charlotte Haimes

Music Videos for ‘A Thousand Goodbyes’ & ‘Sanity’ directed by – Jay H Filmmaker

Music Videos for ‘It’s Not A Title, It’s A Label’ and 'Sad Songs' directed by – Mind Art Visual

Label Engineer Records



Side Project - Bittersweet CD

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